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Do you have an association, community, or membership site? Would you like to earn money for jobs posted to your web site? If so, the JobCharge service is for you!

To get up and running you just need to add two HTML links to your web site:

  • The first HTML link allows others to post jobs to your page. This form prompts users to enter job information, contact information, and credit card information.

  • The second HTML link you add to your web site shows all of the current jobs listed under your account, from people posting jobs using the previous HTML link.

You will have a password protected Administration Control Room which allows you to add jobs bypassing the the payment forms.

Customers are prompted for credit card information for instant authorization. After credit card authorization, the jobs automatically show up on your site. You will receive an email confirmation when a job is added.

The paid jobs are automatically removed from your web page after they expire.

We handle the entire transaction and will send you a check no later than 2 weeks after the end of each quarter for 50% of the total revenue, provided the amount due is over $50. If you are due less than $50 your commission carries over to the next quarter.

There are no setup fees for this service.

There is no programming to be done on your part. Simply sign up and follow the instructions to make the HTML links. You can be up and running in 2 minutes!

To sign up, simply register as a Jobvertise member and choose an amount to charge at the end of the form!

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