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The City of Georgetown is currently seeking individuals that have a desire to serve a fast growing, wonderful community with law enforcement services as a Police Officer within our Police Department.

We currently have multiple openings and are seeking to at least three (3) Officers. If you have a desire to serve and protect others and be part of a growing professional organization, then we would like to encourage you to sign up for our upcoming Entry Examination.

We will be testing to create an eligibility list for the Civil Service position of Police Officer (eligibility list will remain active for up to 6 months or until exhausted).

Starting salary for Police Officer is $51,542/annually.
Additional Benefits include Longevity, Overtime, and Certification Pay

The Written Exam will take place on May 6, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.
*Additional testing will occur following successful completion of the written exam, please anticipate being onsite until 5 p.m.

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, April 30, 2017.


Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and not be fifty-one (51) years of age or older at the time of hire.•Be a graduate of an accredited high school or have an equivalency certificate;
•Have a valid Texas driver's license at the date of hire;
•Be a citizen of the United States by birth or naturalization;
•Be able to read, write, and speak the English language;
•Be of good moral character;
•Shall not be prohibited from carrying a firearm or possessing ammunition;
•Be certified as a peace officer or certifiable at time of appointment, as established by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.
•Achieve a minimum passing score of seventy (70) percent on the written examination.
•Successfully complete a post exam interview
•Submit a professional resume
•Successfully complete the physical ability test.
•Successfully complete the BPAD assessment.
•Pass a background investigation.
•Pass oral interviews.
•Successfully complete post-job offer drug screen, polygraph, psychological, and physical examinations as well as a finger print check.


The written exam is scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 9:00 a.m..

Completed personal history statements and professional resumes are due immediately following successful completion of the written examination (May 6, 2017). Personal history statements will be emailed to all candidates after an application has been submitted and determined to have met the minimum qualifications in order to test. Failure to return a packet along with the required documents on May 6, 2017 will disqualify you as a candidate for Police Officer.

Candidates also have the opportunity to receive one (1) of the following service credits, that can result in additional points being added to a written exam score over 70:

1.) Military service credit of five (5) points added to a passing test score of 70%, you must provide a copy of military discharge papers (DD214), Member 4 copy, showing 1) Honorable Discharge and 2) A minimum of 180 total days of active military service. In order to receive credit, on day of the exam you must bring a copy of your DD214 to the written examination and turn it in to a representative at check-in.

2.) Law Enforcement veterans that are TCOLE certified may be eligible for a service credit of ten (10) points to be added to a passing score of 70 or higher if they can provide proof of TCOLE license and service record showing minimum three (3) years continuous active, unbroken service in a municipal law enforcement agency with a population of 15000 residents or more by the most recent Census Bureau estimates. If service is broken, the applicant must show proof of an honorable discharge in order to receive the service credit.

3.) All other TCOLE certified law enforcement veterans may receive a service credit of five (5) points added to a passing test score of 70 points or better, must provide proof of service showing a minimum of three (3) years of continuous, unbroken service in a law enforcement agency.

The City of Georgetown may give hiring preference to candidates that possess a Peace Officer Certification through the Texas Commission on law Enforcement.

Candidates must provide evidence of TCOLE Certification at the time of the test and no later than the time that the eligibility list is approved by the Civil Service Commission, if eligibility for preference is sought. IN order to receive service credit on written exam, proof of eligibility for service credit must be provided prior to the written portion of the testing process.

Following successful completion of the written exam, candidates will participate in a post-exam interview, a BPAD exercise, and a Physical Agility Test. Details of these exercises will be shared with candidates after passing of the written exam. A cumulative score of 225 on all exercises is required in order to be placed on the eligibility list.


Be certified as a peace officer, or certifiable at time of appointment, as established by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Valid Texas driver's license.

Elliott Harper
City of Georgetown
113 E. 8th St
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: 512-931-7645

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