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Title Chemical Plant Operator
Target Location US-IL-Chicago
Authorized in US YES
Education Tech School
Experience At Least 5 Years
Job Type Full Time
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                            SEMMES,  AL    Street Address
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   My objective is to secure full-time, gainful employment in the industrial
   chemical manufacturing industry as a plant operator, process technician
   or production crew member.

Summary of Qualifications

   Well qualified and experienced Plant Operator with over 15 years
   experience in 24/7 continuous flow or batch process chemical production
   facilities. Excellent communication skills, team player, interplant
   liason, maintenance aide. Mature, quietly confident, equally comfortable
   working independently or as team member. Require minimum supervision,
   posess problem-solving and informed decision making skills; interplant
   operations, well versed in emergency procedures, startup/shutdown and
   decontamination protocols, training new employees, continuous safety
   applications, OSHA and MSDS standards, CHEMTREC experience, firefighting/
   rescue/ first-aid training and hold Red Cross CPR Certification.

Work Experience

   Hardwood Floor Technician (4/1992 - 4/2010)
   Self,  Mobile, AL
   Installation/ sanding or refinishing hardwood flooring in commercial or
   residential settings. Customer service, material logistics, hazardous
   materials handling/ disposal, general housekeeping, disposal of
   contaminated sawdust and construction debris, entire site cleanup after
   job completion; washing down walls, dusting furniture, debris removal,
   vacuum/ sweep affected areas, proper use of chemical cleaners and
   solvents. Supervision of crew consisting of 2-8 persons, training and
   safety protocols, preventive maintenance and on-site equipment repair,
   problem solving and personnel interaction

   Medical housekeeper/ orderly (2/1989 - 6/1992)
   Mobile Infirmary,  Mobile, AL
   As surgical assistant, duties included (but not limited to) patient
   interaction, maintenance of operating room integrity, proper linen
   processing, disposal of biohazard waste according to procedure, adherence
   to universal precautions, use of MSDS , maintenance of medical gases
   (portable and fixed), handling of sanitizing agents and other chemicals,
   observation of all accepted safety standards. General housekeeping of all
   common areas (locker rooms, lounges, restrooms) trash removal, facility
   stocking, inventory, floor maintenance

   Deli counter help (10/1986 - 2/1989)
   Solomons South, Inc,  Mobile, AL
   General housekeeping, restroom sanitizatioin and supply, lounge area,
   wash walls, clean glass, remove trash and rubbish as needed, floor
   maintenance (strip, wax, buff). Prepare fresh sandwiches on order by
   order basis, cashier, inventory, barback, bartender, grounds maintenance,
   clean and sterilize food processing equipment

   Machine Operator (7/1984 - 10/1986)
   J & L Quality Resurfacing Inc.,  Mobile,, AL
   Machine operator and contract labor for travelling bowling center repair/
   refinish company. Duties included: load/ unload equipment trailer, spot
   trailers for work efficiency, inventory, hazardous materials handling and
   disposal, familiarity with 110, 220 and 440 volt power equipment,
   proficiency with all hand tools, general housekeeping, specific cleanup
   after job completion; wash walls, sweep & mop floors, thorough dusting,
   disposal of construction debris and sanding by-products properly,
   customer service interaction, material logistics, observation of OSHA
   standards and MSDS applications, ongoing safety training, train new
   employees, documentation paperwork

   Chemical Operator (4/1974 - 7/1984)
   Stauffer Chemical,  Axis, AL
   Monitor and troubleshoot all phases of continuos flow 24/7 industrial
   chemical manufacturing facility. Collect and interpret field data in
   conjunction with control room info. Communicate with team members
   effectively for proper operations. Experienced in startup/ shutdown
   procedures, utility plant operations, chilled water production, boiler
   ops (high and lo pressure), nitrogen generation, tankfarm, underground
   storage, hazardous materials handling and disposal, MSDS applications,
   CHEMTREC, quality control, product sampling and logbook maintenance,
   preventive maintenance on all pumps, condensors, compressors, centrifuge,
   hydraulic screws, pad air, instrument air compressors and steam-jacketed
   pipelines. Also well versed in Personal Protective Gear, standard safety
   regulations. Training and orientation of new employees. Extensive
   forklift/ warehouse experience. Maintenance aide during outages.
   Lockout/tagout procedures, decontamination, line entry permits. Effluent
   treatment and basic housekeeping, plant freeze protection and
   weatherproofing. Dust collection system operation. Experienced in chlor-
   alkali production and CRYSTEX @ plant ops.Experienced with automated
   packaging unit operation; drum and bag handling, palletization, reclaim
   integration systems

   Reactor Operator (3/1977 - 11/1977)
   US Navy,  Orlando, FL
   Classified training as Reactor Operator in Naval Nuclear Propulsion

   Security/ Electronics Tech (1/1976 - 3/1976)
   US Navy,  San Diego, CA
   AS member of US Navy I was required to stand watches on vessels, to
   provide firewatch and verify accessibility of personnel. Periodic log-ins
   and event certification. All necessary paperwork. Armed security
   responsibilities. Report to superiors as needed; written report or oral

   warehousing/ shipping & receiving (11/1971 - 11/1973)
   Acma Resin Co.,  Chicago, IL
   Pull and load orders on flatbed/ van trailers with forklift. Load/
   position railcars for product load/ offload. Proper adherence to bill of
   lading instructions; proper completion of all paperwork. Observance of
   all applicable safety practices at all times. New employee orientation
   and continued training. Familiar with industrial production processes and
   standards, warehouse and inventory


   High School
   Divine Word Seminary
   East Troy, WI

   US Navy Basic Electricity & Electronics
   Orlando, FL
   Introduction to military electronics systems, graduated with 3.55 GPA

   US Navy Electronics Technician (Nuclear Power)
   Great Lakes, IL
   Advanced, specialized training in military electronics systems including
   radar/ communications; graduated with3.2 GPA

   US Naval Nuclear Power School
   Orlando, FL
   Classified training in reactor operations, radiation principles, heat
   transfer/ fluid flow, theoretical physics, advanced applied mathematics,
   boiler operations, control room operations.

   Bachelor of Arts
   University of South Alabama
   Mobile, AL
   Attended USA for 3 quarters, undecided major, withdrew from college
   with3.85 GPA

Additional Qualifications

   Military Service
   United States Navy electronics technician and Nuclear Power selectee 1976

   Language Skills
   Beginner level Spanish; intermediate level German

   Other Skills
   I am a mature, seasoned worker with many diverse experiences to offer; I
   have developed a sense of self-assurance and confidence in my abilities,
   remain calm and focused in high-stress events, possess problemsolving and
   informed decision making skills, excellent communications and liason. I
   am not afraid to take the initiative (and therefore the responsibility)
   for my actions. I am equally comfortable working alone or as a productive
   member of a team or crew. I fully expect to learn something everyday and
   to incorporate that knowledge to its best benefit. I am very safety-
   minded and believe all accidents are preventable. Overall, I believe I
   can be an asset to the workforce and workplace.

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