Able Bodied Seaman Resume Novi sad,
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Title Able Bodied Seaman
Target Location YU-Novi Sad
Authorized in YU YES
Education High School
Experience At Least 5 Years
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Relocation World
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|First and Family Name  |Candidate's Name Njegic                      |
|Address                |Petra Drapsina Street Address  Novi    |
|                       |Sad,Serbia                         |
|Telephone              |PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE                     |
|Mobile                 |PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE , PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE     |          |
|E-mail address         |EMAIL AVAILABLE               |          |
|Nationality            |Serbian dual Croatian                            |
|Date and place of birth|29.10.1980. Knin, Croatia, Europe                |
|Marital Status         |Single                                           |

|Date (from - to)       |22.08.2007. - 03.03.2012.                        |
|Name of company        |Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC              |
|Kind of business       |Able Seaman , Deckhand                           |
|Occupation or position |Able Seaman , Deckhand                           |
|held                   |                                                 |
|Main activities and    |- Cleaning, painting in the engine compartment   |
|responsibilities       |and help with the larger and more extensive work |
|                       |in the engine compartment ( piston extracting,   |
|                       |modifying the base for a clip-changing jackets). |
|                       |                                                 |
|                       |- I also worked as a mess boy in the galley for  |
|                       |crew and  helped cook.                           |
|                       |- My current position involves steering of the   |
|                       |ship, watch keeping duties during the sailing and|
|                       |in port, ship crane operation, mooring           |
|                       |operations, anchor handling and all type of works|
|                       |such as cleaning ballast, water and oil tanks,   |
|                       |painting, rust removal etc.                      |
|Short description of   |Drills, grinders (Electric and Vacuum), high     |
|equipment on drilling  |pressure washers, ship cranes, manual tools      |
|or work over rig / ship|                                                 |
|/ others               |                                                 |

|Date (from - to)       |Issued: 16.06.2010.                              |
|Name of organizations  |Ministry of Infrastructure, Republic of Serbia   |
|Kind of educations or  |Basic training (STCW A-VI/1-1) , Personal        |
|training               |survival techniques (STCW A-VI/1-2) , Elementary |
|                       |first aid (STCW A-VI/1-3) , Fire prevention and  |
|                       |fire fighting (STCW A-VI/1-4) , Personal safety  |
|                       |and social responsibility (STCW A-VI/1-5)        |
|Certificate Number     |342-12M-331/10                                   |
|Validation of          |Unlimited-(every 5 years to renewed.)            |
|Certificate            |                                                 |
|Date (from - to)       |Issued: 16.06.2010.                              |
|Name of organizations  |Ministry of Infrastructure, Republic of Serbia   |
|Kind of educations or  |Familiarization training (STCW A-VI/1)           |
|training               |                                                 |
|Certificate Number     |342-12M-330/10                                   |
|Validation of          |Unlimited - ( every 5 years to renew )           |
|Certificate            |                                                 |
|Date (from - to)       |Issued: 27.11.2011.                              |
|Name of organizations  |Montenegro port authority - Kotor                |
|Kind of educations or  |Proficiency in Survival craft and rescue boats   |
|training               |operation (STCW A-V1/2 )                         |
|Certificate Number     |530-44730                                        |
|Validation of          |Unlimited - ( every 5 years to renew )           |
|Certificate            |                                                 |
|Date (from - to)       |Issued: 27.11.2011.                              |
|Name of organizations  |Montenegro port authority - Kotor                |
|Kind of educations or  |Rating format a part of navigational watch (STCW |
|training               |A-II/4)                                          |
|Certificate Number     |540-55740                                        |
|Validation of          |Unlimited - ( every 5 years to renew )           |
|Certificate            |                                                 |

|MOTHER TONGUE          |Serbo-Croatian                                     |
|                       |                                                   |
|OTHER LANGUAGES        |English     |Italian     |            |             |
|Verbal skills          |Good        |Intermediate|            |             |
|Reading skills         |Good        |Intermediate|            |             |
|Writing skills         |Intermediate|Basic       |            |             |

|TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES                                            |
|PC skills              | |Operating system: Microsoft Windows (Advanced    |
|                       | |user);                                           |
|                       | |Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);      |
|                       | |Internet (Advanced user)                         |

|ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES                                       |
|Hardworker, responsible, communicative and accustomed to heavy working      |
|conditions  at sea and on land.                                             |
|Capable for team and individual work.                                       |
|Willing to further improve my knowledge and working skills.                 |
|Nonsmoker and Antialcoholic                                                 |
|Serbian and Croatian citizenship                                            |
|USA visa, C1/D, Expiration date: 21.01.2013.                                |
|Yellow fever vaccination: 23. OCT. 2008. Republic of Singapore, validity    |
|period of 10 years.                                                         |
|                                                                            |


Belgrade shipping agency- Mrs. Zivana Petranovic manager and agent for:
www.mscgva.com , www.msccruises.com


I would like to recommend Candidate's Name  Njegic as a candidate for a position with
your Company. In his position as Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, Candidate's Name was
on my ship MSC Bettina-( one of the seven largest ships in the world for
container transport)-from 24.June 2010 - 20.November 2011.Candidate's Name did an
excellent job in this position.

He works safe and in a responsible manner. He has proven himself to be able
to perfectly multi-task to ensure that all work is completed in a  timely
manner, he is also extremely organized and work's independently,  he has
also excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Candidate's Name was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent
rapport with the Client, with the colleges, and many 3rd party services,
served for and within our Company. Candidate's Name would be an asset to any employer
and I recommend him without reservation for any endeavor he chooses to

Yours truly,

Master Raffaele Cuccurullo

Dear Sir to whom it may concern.

Please be advised that the mention employee Mr.Candidate's Name Njegic, worked on my
ship MSC Maria Laura in the capacity of Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman.
He has a very good Seaman experience.
He worked with all crews professionally, he is a good team player.
He can prepare all work permits and maintenance tasks as requested.
He reads, writes and understands the English Language very well.
I would recommend him for any future employment in the offshore business.

Thanks and Regards,

Master  Spiro Odalovic

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