Jobvertise Usage Policy
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Our goal is to prevent abuse of the Jobvertise system and have a database that is professional and useful for job-seekers.

Although we reserve the right to remove any job posting or membership for any reason at any time, the following is explicitly prohibited:

  • Advertisements where no specific job is offered. For example, posting an ad which offers a "directory of jobs", or an ad offering multiple jobs.
  • Multiple copies of the same job advertisement
  • Multiple copies of the same job advertisement posted under many states (Please use the Super Featured Job Post instead)
  • Multilevel marketing, psychic or similar jobs.
  • Phrases that emphasize making money
  • Non-specific titles such as "Work at Home Opportunity"
  • Jobs containing non-specific questions. For example "Are you ready for the perfect job?"
  • Jobs with a significant number of upper case letters that don't need to be upper case.
  • Jobs that are not legitimate, or jobs that claim to be legitimate
  • Jobs that have a tone of desperation. For example: "29 programmers needed immediately!"
  • Jobs titles that use superlatives like "great", "exciting", or "best"
Although we can't cover every situation, anything that violates the spirit of our goal will be removed and the account terminated without notice.
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