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Jobvertise, Inc.
2280 Woodland Lane North
Riverwoods, IL 60015
jvcontact [at] jobvertise.com
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A letter from the CEO:

Jobvertise's mission is to provide top tier recruiting and career tools at little or no cost. Our philosophy is simple: provide great tools, a fast web site, and a simple yet powerful interface for a fraction of the cost of the other major job boards. Recruiters and employers typically pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for limited functionality - Jobvertise is a different kind of company that lets everyone use basic services at no cost and premium services with rates our customers describe as "ridiculously low".

One of the common questions we hear is "how are you profitable if most of your services are free?". We earn revenue through premium services and advertising. We keep our costs to a minimum because of automation, efficiency, a remote workforce, and a different advertising model than the other major job boards. Our free service offerings give both of us value. Keeping the basic services free gives back to you, the client, and helps us spread the word because we think satisfied users telling their friends and colleagues carries more weight than traditional paid ads.

Our business model allows us to run the company efficiently. For example, we don't have a huge sales staff because the results from our services sell themselves. We also keep our costs down by automating processes. Our team is fanatical about automating as much of the business as possible so we can pass those savings on to you. As an employer or employee you can probably appreciate the brightest people in your company who get the most done in the least amount of time. What if your entire company was made up of those individuals? This is the main reason we provide these great tools at no cost or a fraction of what is typically charged by other job boards.

If you're an employer or recruiter our model empowers you to make your own choices. For those of you working at large companies you can choose to use Jobvertise rather than being forced to use the recruiting sites management thinks you should use. If you are in business for yourself or work for a smaller company you can use our free services with the assurance if you choose to upgrade our premium services are affordable. With over 500,000 employer accounts and over 2 million resumes Jobvertise appeals to recruiters working for themselves and Fortune 500 corporations.

Although Jobvertise has been profitable every quarter since 1998, we are not greedy. We have no outside investors telling us what to do, or pressuring us to think about the short term. In addition to our free services, our Premium Membership plans for searching resumes has increased only twice, and our Featured Job posts has never increased.

And finally, we receive a lot of feedback from satisfied customers. If you wish to send us a note on how we're doing we appreciate any comments, especially how we can improve our services. I personally read every letter that is submitted and look forward to hearing from you.

Samuel A. Roseman
CEO Jobvertise.com

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