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You can automate the process of posting jobs into Jobvertise. Please provide us a file formatted to the following XML specification that we can download via a web link.

Depending on quantity and quality of jobs we may charge for this service. Please contact us with the number of active jobs and a sample file you would like to have in the Jobvertise database so we can review it.


<title>Java Programmer</title>
<description>Java Programmer ...</description>
<contact>Human Resources</contact>
<company>Any Company</company>
<address>Your Address</address>
<date>Sat, 1 Jun 2013 11:13:22 PDT</date>


Fields for each job entry

Field Required Allowed Values
<build-date> YES The date this file was created. Any date format is acceptable
<action> NO (default is "Add") "Add", "Edit", or "Delete"
<title> YES
<jobcode> YES Your unique id for each job
</payl> Number
</payh> Number
<payper> "Hour", "Month", or "Year"
<mineducation> "None", "High School", "Tech School", "Associate", "Bachelors", "Masters", "Doctorate"
<city> YES
<state> YES
<country> Two letter country code
<description> YES
<contactstate> Two letter state code
<contactcountry> Two letter country code
<email> YES
<date> YES Date the job was posted

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