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"I have just spent the past 3 hours on your resume search site and I am impressed!! Our organization has spent thousands of dollars for resume searches on higher priced sites and have not yielded the types of results I've gotten in just these past few hours. ... Thank You for being available Jobvertise!" Christopher Anderson

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"I was super-excited to learn the jobs and career page on my website is fully supported through the amazing approach written on the homepage of Jobvertise. Thanks and appreciate the free hosting!" Jason Lazar

"I feel that this is the best website to search passive candidates and your service is quiet good and impressive." M Sunil Kumar

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a fantastic service you are providing. You site works flawlessly, is intuitive, and fast! ... People are paying big money for a lot less out there! A new, but loyal customer!"Chris Gehr

"I found your resume bank to be awesome! ... CareerBuilder wanted to charge me $7,000 a year for a less useful database. You need to get the word out there! On second thought, don't let other "headhunters" in on the secret. I don't need the competition!" Jeff Leeth

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