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"You are a lifesaver, many, many thanks for this, and for the lightning fast turnaround!!" Madi N. "I just want to say thanks I was able to get some good resumes and I will continue to use this site to get more resumes. Thanks a lot!" Gevonna W. "I just found your website, and it's incredibly helpful!" Michelle R.
"Thank you! Your site did very well for us! I'm simply canceling because it's no longer needed at the time. I will absolutely come back when we open more positions." Zack O. "Thank much for your quick response and action. Appreciate it much! I have always been a big fan of Jobvertise and recommend it any recruiter or sales person from the staffing industry that I come across on a daily basis...There are profiles found on jobvertise for the job being recruited for when all other "top" job boards fail." Srikishen "Thanks for the free account usage. It was very useful for me to search resumes for my requirements!" Mike V.
"We like your service it is the best among all the free positing sites!" Richa (Placement Mumbai) "I absolutely love your platform for viewing resumes. You guys have done an amazing job with your site!" Anthony Frye "I am now employed and do not need your services any longer. Thank you for helping me find a career. Jobvertise is awesome! Thank you and have a good weekend. "
"Thanks Sam! I will highly recommend your site. Keep up the good work :-)" Trish O. "Thanks Sam, I just upgraded and the card was accepted.. Your site is awesome and has helped me grow my international business! " Robin Rotfleisch "We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your site, and love the user-friendly functionality of the site. The platform is real easy to use. We love having the links to our posts in our own dashboard to be able to edit, re-new, delete and make corrections as needed. We wish all jobsites were as user friendly as yours has been. Thank you once again." Christian H.
"Thank you so much for noticing the double payment. I think the value of what I'm getting is worth way more than $29 for 1 month anyways. Thanks for providing a great resume site! Best regards, " Anthony "I am very very impressed with the responsiveness of your organization!" J Boston "Way to go!!! I must say that I am impressed. Thank you for making a sensible site that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg! Keep up the great work!!! You built it - we will come!" Wendy - AE Polysilicon
"First of all, we at ICNU Image Staffing,L.L.C would like to thank you for allowing us to use such a great site." Earl T McLaurin "I just wanted to thank all of you for letting me use your web site for work! I really have no money, So far I had two interviews from this site, Thanks again." E. Myers "I whole heartedly thanks your team for creating such a wonderful nad value driven portal. Thanks and Regards" Abbas Ellaar, Infotek Solutions Boston, MA
"I have just spent the past 3 hours on your resume search site and I am impressed!! Our organization has spent thousands of dollars for resume searches on higher priced sites and have not yielded the types of results I've gotten in just these past few hours. We are a highly specialized organization and I can attest to the very broad variety of candidates available here. Thank You for being available Jobvertise!" Christopher Anderson "Our firm has been using Jobvertise in connection with our labor certification processes for several years now and have been quite pleased with the service." Sherry Weimert "I was super-excited to learn the jobs and career page on my website is fully supported through the amazing approach written on the homepage of Jobvertise. Thanks and appreciate the free hosting!" Jason Lazar
"I have used several sites and yours takes the cake for how simple and user friendly it is. Keep up the good work and keep it affordable for us!" Joey Archuletta "Thank you Jobvertise for having the insight of what features would most benefit your members who are Employers and/or Recruiters like myself. I am an independent consultant who staffs specifically for the Automotive Industry and have been since 2003! My favorite feature on your site is how I can chose to send a copy of the resume for candidates I have chosen directly to my email with one simple click of a button! No more cutting & pasting resumes from posting sites into a word document then format in order to save it! The search feature also is a huge help and it works perfectly for what I need on a daily basis! Thanks Again!" Staci R. Morrow "Is a wonderful site for posting job opening post from many of other job posting sites. CQrecruit is glad to come upon Jobvertise." Andy
"THANKS AGAIN JOBVERTISE --- YOU MADE MY JOB VERY EASY. RECEIVED MORE THAN ENOUGH THERAPISTS!" Spalean "I have been in the quality employee benefits recruiting business for over 5 years and have had lots of great response from your site. It's the most cost effective marketing. Thank you!" Leo Kolbert "I have tested out several job portals over my career and have to agree that Jobvertise has yielded incredible results. I would highly recommend this employment site to both employers and job seekers alike." John Holtel
"I have recently started using your system. I am a free user. I have posted jobs and have gotten a very good response. I wish to become a member soon, and I wanted to say thanks!" Rae Higgins "Great site! I posted my job and received a very very good response. Many thanks to the qualified Jobvertise team. Thank you." Lara Jackson "A+ website! I been posting jobs on your website a while now and I want to thank you because we have found a lot of virtual assistants from here to work with!" Sheryl White
"I just started using your site and I'm very impressed, keep up the good work. I don't usually leave feedbacks, but this must be said. Thank you!" Ash Joon "I feel that this is the best website to search passive candidates and your service is quiet good and impressive." M Sunil Kumar "This is an incredible website where there are lots of candidates for employers and lots of jobs for candidates. Money matters in the end. This is a great platform for employers and job seekers." Wagas
"EXCELLENT RESULTS!! I posted an ad Tuesday night and received a qualified response Wednesday night! By Jove, I think you've got it!! Thank you for employing the KISS method." Carol Butts, CPC, FABI "Oh my goodness you guys made it so easy to just search through websites without all the hidden costs you get on so many other websites. MAJOR KUDOS!" Aspasia "I like the KISS principle "keep it simple stupid". You did a good job of this!" Rovi
"Not to boost your ego or anything, but I've been in the internet recruiting business for 5 years and you have the most sensible, simple, and effective business model I've seen." Steven Morgan VARSalesJobs.com "Thanks to you for the great job. I placed my resume on your site and within 30 days had a reply for a job and in the next couple of days I am headed overseas to my new job. Have tried other sites with no luck, your site is a breath of fresh air. Thank You and keep up the good work!!!" Roy Dyer "Great service!! As the Chief Operating Officer, I encourage my HR Dept. to use your services as I personally found your site a hit. I have since found your exposure to the right candidate 100% on target when we seek to employ new folks!!" Dean R. Young, COO, Object Alliance Corp. Atlanta, GA
"I found your resume bank to be awesome! I search for world-class scientists and engineers. I duplicated a search in CareeBuilder.com and yours returned several better and more qualified candidates. CareerBuilder wanted to charge me $7,000 a year for a less useful database. You need to get the word out there! On second thought, don't let other "headhunters" in on the secret. I don't need the competition! " Jeff Leeth, Quality Recruits "Thanks a lot for being so responsive and helpful. I will gladly recommend your site to others. It's pretty refreshing!" Dillon G. "I created a job order yesterday and I would like you to know that I already received a response for a perfectly qualified candidate! That is truly a success and I appreciate it!" David C. Gulliver
"The purpose of this letter is express my congratulations and appreciation on a job well done. I have one bit of advice - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!" Lee Dugas "Thank you so much for making an easy to use search by area feature. I wish other job databases were as well developed!" Neil Shunke "WOW! Your site really DOES deliver! I posted my ad on your site less than a week ago and I already have had two very good prospects contact me about the job. Thank you I can hardly wait to post my next ad. This is a great Free Ad site!" Sandra Setters
"Jobvertise is quite useful for us and we appreciate your efforts on keeping updated database!" Srinivas Hari, Rajsoft Solutions India "I have always loved your site and it keeps getting better!" Barbara Moore "I did a resume with you folks and in a matter of one hour I got three job offers! I was trying to find a stay at home job so I could be with my kids and I turned down two of them and am going with the one." Susan Bethea
"First, I want to congratulate you on a fantastic site. I love it! I built a page for it on my website....thanks for a great site!" Kathy Thomposon "Thanks so much for having a user friendly, easy to post to site! I've just discovered you by referral from a fellow recruiter, and I am really looking forward to working with you!" Chris Stubbs "I am writing you from the National Youth Advocate Program in Washington, DC. We have recently been receiving a virtual flood of resumes sent by people who have seen an advertisement for an executive assistant on your website!" Jennifer Mazzuchi
"Thanks a lot for this media to find a job quickly and give me more experience in another company. So fast and so good to find job I really want and one that I need. " Mochamad Gunarko "Thank You for this site. I have been looking for a site like this for months. I think I just found a gold mine." Louise Ouellette "I started using your services for a couple of months and the response is really overwhelming... keep the good work.. and we wish you all the best to grow greater heights." Jagadishwaran R Iyer
"I have enjoyed using you job search . It is one of the easiest and fastest to use!" John Schwartz "Thank you so much for making an easy to use search by area feature. I wish other job databases were as well developed." Neil Schunke "Thank you SO MUCH for a swift and brilliant way, not to mention up, working and reliable, to send resume's and cover letters to prospective employers. As an out of work actor I cannot begin to express my absolute ELATION over having found you and the hope it has brought into my life to have such a engine at my disposal and for FREE too! It is a God send and I cannot thank you enough. I wish you nothing but success!" Stephan A. Lewis
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a fantastic service you are providing. You site works flawlessly, is intuitive, and fast! I am going to send a message to my entire email directory with a link to your site. People are paying big money for a lot less out there! A new, but loyal customer..." Chris Gehr "I have been receiving resumes in response to our job postings for the past few weeks, the response is great!" Jennifer Cunningham "The quickest way to start a new career!" Uranusfin.com
"I love the site...and the ease that I was able to add a Jobs Posting page to my site...thanks!" Mike Rogalla "Thanks for your prompt reply to my questions. I am very pleased with the results now that we have it operational. Just thought I would let you know..good work!" JRL Engineering "Jobvertise is the definitive resource for employment opportunities. They have offered everyone from the newbie to the seasoned surfer an easy, hassle free way of finding a job. 5 Star Rating!" Chris Walker
"Just wanted to thank you for your AWESOME SERVICE! We have assisted hundreds of thousands of users looking for Law Enforcement Careers with your job posting service! We have assisted thousands of people looking for law enforcement careers, accomplish their dream! Thank You!" Andrew Dale CopCareer.com "Your jobvertise service is AWESOME! It's so easy to use and fits right into my web site...keep up the great work!" Terri Robinson, President "This is the site I've been searching for! I've spent countless hours on the web looking for a good job search site, and I found the best!." Theresa Minndaisy
"We have built an entire site, 4InsuranceJobs.com, around your free job board. Our website is now a worldwide insurance job posting hub, and monthly visitor count is up 300%. We are very excited and impressed with your service!" Claude Penland 4insurancejobs.com "Thank you for your continued support with Jobvertise, it has been a lifesaver for my company." David Harbaugh, The Staffing Company "An excellent non-commercial site focused on easy access to job postings. 4 stars!" JobFactory
"Easy navigation for starters and a design that an advanced user can respect." Cashpile.com "I appreciate your site and the fact that you allow direct access to jobs other markets charge mega-bucks to even view!" Melissa Hughes "In an interesting play, Jobvertise offers a simple interface for adding job listings to your website. It's an interesting and straightforward idea. We imagine that they'll mature into a fully functional business and spawn a couple of competitors." Electronic Recruiting News
"I am very impressed with your service. It is exactly what we've needed to post listings on our site without having to teach the Human Resources Staff HTML or web editing." David Dennis, Salinas Union High School District "First, many congrats on a great site! I have used your site on a regular basis to make contacts in the area of freelance writing and research. It truly is one of the better sites available. It is clear, easy to navigate and loads quickly." Nicole Hino "I love this software, I already had a website and was looking for a way to be able to allow people to post jobs to the site." Todd Fortner
"I used to think that Monster.com and Headhunter.net were impressive. Jobvertise has them beat!" Jim Dowers "Jobvertise is a great system!" Stephen B. St. Louis, Director, The International Homeworkers Association "I would also like you to know that my wife is VERY pleased with your website. She has been searching the internet for several weeks for legitimate "work at home" jobs and was ready to give up when she happened upon your site and has since found, applied for, and procured three jobs! Keep up the great work!" Scott Edwards
"I love your website, and you've done an admirable job of designing it as well. Keep up the good work!" Lee C. Plaster "First of all, what a great service! Thank you." Robert Wennekes "What an excellent site and product, it is really clever!" Paul Rose
"All is working great!!!...Thanks again for all your help .. this is a great service that you are providing." Lois Robinson "Looks and runs great! I can't believe you responded so quickly! Thank you." Larry Duncan "You have a great site and redefined service!" Don Buzzingham
"Jobvertise is working out great!" Chris Tobin "I love using Jobvertise on our web site!" Jan Mack "The Jobvertise associate program is a neat idea!" Dan Oakeson
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