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B - Child Care Officer                               UK----Bexhill On Sea      
B-Tech/Diploma Automation training for fr            IN-UP-Ghaziabad           
B. Sales Staff - Manila                              PH----Manila              
B.E (EEE) for Production field                       IN-TN-Chennai             
B.E Mechanical Fresher                               IN-TN-Chennai             
B.E/B.Tech/Diploma EEE candidates                    IN-TN-Chennai             
B.E/B.Tech/Diploma fresher engineer in au            IN-UP-Ghaziabad           
B.E/B.Tech/Diploma fresher engineer in co            IN-UP-Ghaziabad           
B.E/Diploma automobile engineers in MNC              IN-TN-Chennai             
B.E/Diploma electrical engineers of 2015/            IN-TN-Chennai             
B.E/Diploma for electronics engineer                 IN-TN-Chennai             
B.e/diploma Freshers(ece/eee) - Service E            IN-TN-Coimbatore , Diploma in Mechanical Engineer               IN-UP-Noida      , Diploma in Mechanical Engineer               IN-UP-Noida               
B.Tech/B.E/Diploma fresher engineering in            IN-DL-New Delhi           
B.Tech/B.E/Diploma fresher engineering in            IN-UP-Ghaziabad   holders in Delhi,Gurgaon,N            IN-UP-Noida               
B1 General Business Sales Executive Job              BR-SP-So Paulo            
B2B Account Based Marketing Professional             UK----Reigate             
B2B Account Manager                                  UK----Leeds               
B2B Account Manager                                  UK----Swansea             
B2B Account Manager                                  UK----Harrogate           
B2B Area  Sales Manager                              UK----Belfast             
B2B Area  Sales Manager                              UK----Glasgow             
B2B Business Development Manager                     UK----Daresbury           

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