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Y1 Primary Teacher                                   UK----Sheffield           
Y1 Teacher                                           UK----Enfield             
Y1 Teacher                                           UK----Middlesbrough       
Y1 Teacher Required for January 2018                 UK----Middlesbrough       
Y1/2 Mix Class Teacher With Leader Of Mat            UK----Kidderminster       
Y1/Y2 Primary Teacher                                UK----Rotherham           
Y2 Primary Teacher                                   UK----Rotherham           
Y2 Teacher                                           UK----Guisborough         
Y2 Teacher                                           UK----Middlesbrough       
Y2 Teacher                                   J0B 1J0 UK----Bury                
Y2 Teacher – "Outstanding"            UK----North London        
Y2 Teaching Assistant                                UK----Middlesbrough       
Y3/4 Mix Class Teacher                               UK----Kidderminster       
Y4 1 to 1 Teaching Assistant                         UK----Saltburn by the Sea 
Y4 Classroom Teacher                                 UK----Doncaster           
Y4 Primary Teacher                                   UK----Doncaster           
Y4 Teacher                                           UK----Middlesbrough       
Y4 Teacher                                           UK----Salford             
Y4 Teaching Assistant                                UK----Middlesbrough       
Y5 Class Teacher                                     UK----Kidderminster       
Y5 teacher                                           UK----Salford             
Y5 Teacher                                           UK----Stockton on Tees    
Y5/6 Teacher                                         UK----Northallerton       
Y5/Y6 Teacher Needed                         35034   UK----Brent               
Y6 / Year 6 Teacher / KS2 Teacher                    UK----Sheffield           

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