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Easily add a job search to your web site! Your link can automatically search by keyword and/or location. The following examples will show you the HTML code you can copy and paste to your web site.

Add a job search to your website or blog:

<A HREF=">Show the Jobs</A>

Add a job search to your website or blog filtered by keywords:

(change "web+or+html" to the keywords you prefer)

<A HREF="">Show the Jobs</A>

Keyword and Location Search

(change the keyword, city, state, and radius to the values you prefer) Note: the radius is in miles and the 2 letter state code must be in capital letters. You may leave any of the variables blank.

<A HREF="">Show the Jobs</A>

Keyword Text Box Search

Copy and paste the following HTML to your web site to allow your visitors to type in their own keywords and run a job search:

   Search for a job! <br>
   <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="query" SIZE="20"> 
   <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="button" VALUE="Search">

<A href="">
    <IMG BORDER="0" SRC="">

Create an RSS feed

You can create a keyword and location RSS feed after searching jobs and then clicking on "rss feed" above the search results

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